sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010


Name: Ornella
Nickname: Nella
Personality: methodical, practical, analytical, enterprising, independent, obsessive, intellectual, conservative, willing, cold-minded, calculating, objective, unadventurous, patient, observant, calm
Color: blue
Season: autumn
Element: earth
Animal: cats
Number: 6 – Order. Is the number of codification, and therefore, right. The number of justice looking always for balance
Loves: the stars, with their precise organization and meaning
Hates: people touching her things and putting them out of place
Fears: to feel out of control
Game: chess, tetris, sudoku, crosswords
Place in the world: Germany or Switzerland
Day or night?: it depends on what I have to do
Day of the week: Monday, everything starts again…
Clothing style: classic, casual
Hobby: collecting things, specially coins and stamps
Music: silence is better for concentration
Movie Genre: documentaries
Character: geishas
Quote: "All theories are legitimate and none of them are important. What matters is what one does with them." - J. L. Borges
Writer: Borges, Wilde, Descartes, Aristóteles

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