sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010


Name: Aylén
Nickname: Ayu
Personality: outgoing, energetic, proud, creative, idealistic, adventurous, curious, chatty, comprehensive, restless, funny, simple, ecologist, amusing, tolerant, unruly, pacifist
Color: green
Season: any season is good; you can always find something to do!
Element: water
Animal: dogs
Number: 5 – Freedom. It relates with all the numbers for being on the center of first 9 digits. It breaks the routine. It’s jovial, curious
Loves: the rain, mesmerizing energy of nature running through your skin…
Hates: human oppression and animal cruelty
Fears: human beings ruining nature forever
Game: role playing - twister
Place in the world: anywhere surrounded with nature
Day or night?: day, actually afternoon!
Day of the week: Friday, waiting for the weekend to escape somewhere with more green and less grey
Clothing style: love Indian clothing and everything related with independent design
Hobby: painting
Music: reggae, folk, trova, ethnic, celtic
Movie Genre: short films, independent films
Character: fairies
Quote: "You may cut the flowers, but it will not stop the spring" -
Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Writer: Castagneda, Osho, Cortazar, Tolkien

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